Online Keno Games

Slot games have adopted various sports as their themes. The most common is a football theme. Online keno games all have a similar appearance since they use soccer as their main theme. Football is a game that doesn't really have seasons and keno games a good promotional tool for soccer tournaments that run all year round. Diehard fans of football also get a double treat when they play online keno games. It is no wonder the popularity of keno games keep growing year in year out.

The football theme doesn't change the keno game the basic structure is still the same. The numbers of the grid are 80. Players still have up to a limit of 15 numbers. In each game 20 balls are randomly drawn. The football theme still influences the graphics and the appearance. The grid still remains 10 by 8 but it is arranged in a horizontal manner. The game is well designed and each half of the grid is laid out as it appears in a football match. The game gets interesting and before a player marks out a number they have to pick a jersey color from the colors provided. The number and the jersey color both appear on the grid. This is in line with the real game of football where each player has a jersey with a specific number. Players can choose the patterns of their choice or pick any that is provided on the layout in the grid. Some keno games have put in football teams making it very competitive.

The balls that are drawn also look like footballs and many have the black and white color. The only difference is that the balls have numbers printed on them. As the bigger balls roll out smaller balls appear on the grid making it a very interesting and exciting view. The balls often change color as they slide through the slots. The cheering theme of football fans is also used when the game comes to an end. The football theme used in online keno games doesn't grow old since they always add new and exciting features in line with the soccer theme.